How to File Your Appeal

How do I appeal the trial court's decision?

If you wish to appeal a decision of the Rincon Civil Trial Court or the Intertribal Court of Southern California (the "ICSC"), you must: ​

  • be a party to the subject judgment.
  • file your Notice of Appeal with the court that issued the subject judgment (e.g., the Rincon Civil Trial Court or the ICSC) within fifteen (15) days after that court has issued its decision.
  • pay the required filing fee of $600. Note that the filing fees for the ICSC are to be paid to that court directly.

After I file my notice of appeal, where do I file my appeal documents?

Once you have filed your notice of appeal, you must file any subsequent documents with the Clerk of the Rincon Court of Appeals (the "Appellate Court Clerk").  Please refer to Section 3.812 of the Rincon Appellate Court Rules & Procedures, RTC § 3.800 for filing requirements and deadlines.

How do I file documents with the Rincon Court of Appeals?

You may file your documents:

  • Electronically - by emailing your documents to the Appellate Court Clerk at  Click here for electronic filing requirements.


  • By Mail - if you wish to mail your documents, please contact the Appellate Court Clerk at to make arrangements.