About the Rincon Civil Trial Court

Established in February 2021, the Rincon Civil Trial Court adjudicates any action that involves commercial and/or business transactions occurring on the Rincon Indian Reservation in which the Rincon Band, its enterprises, its entities, or its agencies, are a party, as well as cases arising under the Rincon Patron Tort Claims Ordinance, RTC § 6.100, provided that the claims process required by that Ordinance is followed prior to filing an action in this Court.

See, Rincon Code of Civil Procedure, RTC § 3.310 at § 3.310(b)(1).

See also, Rincon Patron Tort Claims Ordinance, RTC § 6.100

Chief Judge

The Honorable Anthony J. Brandenburg is the Chief Judge for the Rincon Civil Trial Court.

Civil Trial Court Judges

The Honorable Matthew L.M. Fletcher

The Honorable Carole E. Goldberg

The Honorable Stacy L. Leeds

The Honorable Raul A. Ramirez

The Honorable James M. Rosenbaum

The Honorable Oliver W. Wanger

The Honorable James Ware