Rincon Judicial Administration Committee

The Rincon Civil Trial Court and the Rincon Court of Appeals are administered by the Judicial Administration Committee, whose members are distinguished by their extensive knowledge and experience with federal and state law, and legal issues affecting Indian Country. The members of the Judicial Administration Committee are:

  • Barbara Karshmer, Esq. (Committee Chair)
  • Brenda L. Tomaras, Esq.
  • Brendan Ludwick, Esq.
  • David B. Dehnert, Esq.

Authorizing Authority

The Rincon Judicial Administration Committee was formed in April 2019, under the vested authority of the Rincon Band's duly elected Tribal Council.

The Tribal Council exercises executive, legislative, and adjudicative power pursuant to its Articles of Association to manage the day-to-day governance of the Rincon Band and its Reservation on behalf of approximately 500 tribal members. This plenary power is exercised by the Tribal Council over tribal members, non-members, and all territory within the external boundaries of the Rincon Reservation, by and through Tribal Government staff pursuant to Rincon Tribal law and applicable Federal law.

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Courts Administrator

The Administrator for the Rincon Civil Trial Court and the Rincon Court of Appeals is Jennifer R. Leal.

She may be reached at jleal@rincontribalcourt.org or (760) 638-1036.