Rincon Civil Trial Court Bar

About the Civil Trial Court Bar

Representation before the Rincon Civil Trial Court Bar can be provided only by persons who have been admitted as members of the Bar of the Rincon Civil Trial Court, and who have paid the bar Application fee, and any Annual Membership Fees due.

Requirements for Admission

To qualify as a member of the Rincon Civil Trial Court Bar, a person must meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be of good moral character. The applicant is required to bring to the Rincon Civil Trial Court's attention any matters raising questions regarding the applicant’s mental or emotional stability, and any past conduct reflecting upon the applicant’s honesty and integrity.
  • The applicant must be familiar with the Rincon Band’s laws, ordinances, and its Rincon Code of Civil Procedure, RTC § 3.310, and Rules of Court, RTC § 3.320, and understand their application in the Rincon Civil Trial Court.  For more information regarding the Bar of the Rincon Civil Trial Court requirements, see the Rules of Court, RTC § 3.320 at RTC § 3.329.
  • Pursuant to RTC § 3.329 (c), an attorney applicant must be a member in good standing of a federal or state court/bar.  A lay representative must meet all other requirements of bar admission.
  • An admission fee of $200 is due upon the court’s approval of an application for admission.
  • The applicant must execute the Oath of Admission to the Rincon Civil Trial Court Bar. 

Submitting an Application and Oath for Admission

Note: If you were previously a member of the bar and your membership has lapsed, contact the Clerk to apply for readmission.

Bar Application and Membership Fees*

  • Application for Admission ---------$200.00
  • Annual Membership Fee --------$200.00
  • Late Payment Fee -------$50.00

*Bar Fee payments may be made here.